Hand Crafted Goat Cheeses from the Pocono Mountains

  Here at Cranberry Creek Farm we give our all to bring you the best farmstead goat cheeses that our place on earth can provide. Our cheeses are inspired by popular French cheeses but to us they are much more than just a replica. Our cheeses are born out of our 100 acres of wild and scenic Pocono Mountain landscape where you can find our Alpines browsing on roughage in the thickets or grazing on one of our intensively managed pasture paddocks. The landscape here is primed for dairy goats, and we believe it shows in the health of our goats and the exquisite tastes of our cheeses. 







Dairy Goats

We have been raising quality registered Alpine Dairy Goats since 2011. Many of our does are directly related to top 10 milkers. We graze our goats on rotated pastures and woods. They receive a non-GMO grain at milking time and they also have free choice access to 12 different mineral supplements every day. In the winter they eat hay made on our farm or close by, and non-GMO grains. 

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