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Late Summer News

Posted 8/26/2016 8:34am by Jeffrey Henry.

Cranberry Creek Farm Newsletter



Our society as a whole, and ourselves individually are in the midst of a crisis. It is what appears to be, and what is generally accepted as a environmental crisis. We have created lives for ourselves that are generally at odds in every aspect with the natural world. We have come to view nature as a resource of raw materials to be mined instead of a holy place to mimick and sympathize with. As our technology has advanced we have lost more and more of our knowledge, skill, gratitude and respect of the resources and the taking of them. We have overlooked and oversimplified nature and the craft of keeping house, and have given the job of mining raw materials to provide food clothing and shelter to larger and larger corporations who take from nature brutally and irresponsibly. This designation of corporations to do our work should take a great deal of the blame for our environmental crisis. Lets find our knowledge, gratitude, skill and respect of food, clothing and shelter. It is easy to start with food by drinking milk from the only slightly technologically advanced, organically fed and managed dairy cows in Monroe County. We are trying to reach a small and hopefully attainable goal of selling about 50 gallons each week. If you or anyone you know would enjoy real jersey cow milk from a local farm please find us on Saturdays. We will have milk at the Monroe Farmers Market from 8-12 as well as our Cranberry Creek Farm Store from 1-5. 

Jeffrey & Mary-Jean

Cranberry Creek Farm

112 Henry's Crossing Rd

Cresco, PA 18326

570-595-7748 (cell)609-923-0308

This newsletter is written with inspiration from Wendell Berry's essay The Idea of a Local Economy.