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Autumn News

Posted 10/21/2016 7:42am by Jeffrey Henry.

Cranberry Creek Farm Newsletter


On October 1st Mary-Jean and I tied the knot on the farm. The day started out like a normal day with having to get ready for the farmers market. Nick went down to market and I stayed to help with wedding set up. I then went to slip into my wedding suit, new black carhartts, fancy white shirt, new vasque kicks, and thin striped suspenders. I worked the farm store from 1-3 in my elegant casual suit and was happy to see some of our customers on our special day. The ceremony was to start at 4 and I was naturally starting to get nervous. I don't function well when I know a lot of people are watching me. Luckily for me my neighborhood pals showed up with a little bit of dutch courage. I walked down to our chapel in the hemlocks, overlooking an open forest with bubbling creek below. An enormous stone wall and colonial era wagon trail above, in a circle of old growth hemlock, with a wall of white washed windows behind us, with 100 people watching, I was married Native American style to my soul mate in the most perfect ceremony in the most perfect place. The rest of the night was filled with good food and fun. At one point late in the night I found myself running through a tunnel of sparklers with my bride while everyone cheered us on. I had harvested a hog earlier in the week for use that night. The roasted ham and the ribs that our caterer helped butcher and cook were to live for. Whatever seasonings he used were just so it would bring out the flavor of the place. 

Thats the news from Cranberry Creek Farm. Come and find us on Saturdays from 1-5 in our farm store, or in town at the monroe market from 8-12 on the same day. 

Jeffrey & Mary-Jean

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